Elegance of Artificial Intelligence

Tue, January, 21, 14:15

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Hello, I'm a huge fan of artificial intelligence. My awe of the subject was part of the inspiration to create this website. I'm employed as a network engineer and have an educational background in computer science. I've used my education background to build this website. Its all running on a Raspberry Pi in my home. I wrote every line of code that displays what you see in the IDE SciTE, running on top of the LAMP platform.

Regarding network engineering, my intent is to leave notes and guides in the blog section regarding things I've learned along my career. Perhaps it could be useful to the community of network engineers once I figure out search engine optimization and get this site visible on Google's algorithm. In general, I find network engineering to be pretty esoteric and not that accessible to the layperson. However, it would be great if I was able to make it that much more accessible for everyone. The internet would collapse without network engineers!

Regarding artificial intelligence, I want to make this an aggregation point for everything I find interesting about the topic. I'm not sure I have the time to keep pace with the academic literature on A.I., but if it capture's my interest, I'll certainly try.

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