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June 8, 2014

The spring college semester is over and now I can get back to training for the CCNP route. I've been reading a lot and working on adding new content to the flash cards. I've added roughly 30 questions to the CCNP Route section in today's update

  • Added 30 questions to the CCNP (chapter 5 and chapter 9)


January 18, 2014

Update number 2 of 2014! I'm on a roll! These past few weeks I worked on adding a new study section for CCNA material. Its not as robust as the CCNP material because I already passed my CCNA and its not my current focus when I study. However, the CCNA section does have some questions relevant to that exam. I added a few new questions to chapter 12 in the CCNP study section. The most obvious change to the site is the new banner logo I installed. I feel like that banner says everything I want to be said regarding this web page. You can't push packets without Cat5 cables and fiber optic cables. I'm all about computer networking!

  • Added CCNA study section
  • Added more flash cards to the CCNP chapter 12 study section
  • Added a new banner to the web page which is more aesthetically appealing
  • I also changed the about me section to include some photos and more concise description of what I am about


January 6, 2014

I'm back with yet another update, the first of 2014 in fact. I had not planned on adding any new features to the site, but I was struck with and idea that could help me practice my subnetting. I acquired my CCNA in November 2010, almost 4 years ago. My ability to subnet is still there, but not as sharp as I would like it to be. So I created a page on my website dedicated to helping people practice their subnetting math. It generates a random ip address and subnet mask and reveals the subnet ID and broadcast ip, as well as other information about the address. With this tool a person can practice ip subnetting anywhere, anytime, provided they have internet access!

  • Added ip subnetting math practice problem generator
  • Corrected some typos in the flash cards


December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas! I come bearing the gift of website update. I've been battling a slight cold I got from a holiday party 3 nights ago, but my recovery was the perfect opportunity for solitude and time to write some code. As my brother and I used to say, "only 365 days to go until next Christmas morning"! Without further pause, here is a list of what has been updated:

  • Updated and simplified the graphic design of the website
  • Added place holder check boxes for the online flash cards. Place holders represent where future information will be placed
  • Only chapters 2 and 3 have valid questions, the remaining chapters will load, but only use place holder questions and answers
  • Added a time and date object to the Home page and included a more clearly stated website purpose with links
  • Reduced the size of the website directory by deleting unnecessary files and directories
  • Added chapter names, book image, and links on the flash card select page


December 22, 2013

It took me longer than I wanted to get the new features working. I had several social engagements last week that impeded my progress. I was finally able to get some time to myself this morning and write some code. Here is a list of updates to my site.

  • Added the ability for users to choose what chapters they want to study via a check box menu for the online flash cards
  • Test engine page now looks more like the rest of the site, though it is still not working
  • Added a second chapter of question material for a total of 2 chapters
  • Chapter 1 now contains 40 questions, Chapter 2 contains 15 questions
  • Fixed some spelling errors in the previous version of the flash cards


December 18, 2013

I made a few basic additions today. I resolved some issues with the site not loading properly on Internet Explorer browsers. I also added some more CCNP content to the online flashcard section. In addition, I added some code to ensure that the same question will never be asked two times in a row.

Aside from the site, I finished reading chapter 3 of the CCNP route Cisco exam certification guide about 10 minutes ago. I plan on adding those questions to the flash cards as well as a selector to let users choose what chapter of material they want to study. That is all for now, check back soon!


December 15, 2013

I made an important step this weekend. I wrote the code for my digital flash card page. I am using some Jquery, the accordion specifically. In addition, I input some questions from chapter 1 of the CCNP Route exam certification guide. So far there are only 10 questions, but it really serves as a proof of concept that I will build on over the next 2 years. I am finally at the moment where I can shift my focus away from writing javascript and html code in order to focus on absorbing the CCNP Route material and putting that into a digital format that I can use to study over the next year. It is my goal to pass the CCNP Route by this time next year. That may not sound like a quick time frame, but I will be taking a planned total of 38 credit hours at the University of Colorado over the same time frame. I think its safe to say that it will be a challenge to learn all the material and maintain my 3.7 GPA. In any case, my main goal for this weekend was to get the digital flash cards working, and I did that. I am on track.


Decenmber 13, 2013

So, I'm basically 2 weeks into launching the site! I registered the domain 3 days ago and am officially launching the site as of yesterday. The framework of my site is built on a web page I made in one of my classes earlier this year, web site design, which I took in January 2013. I just finished my last final at CU Denver on Wednesday and plan to spend a significant portion of my time between semesters working on this site and studying for the CCNP Route exam. There is already a prototype test engine up and running which will load sample questions for the exam engine. My major focus for the time being will be to get the code for the online flash cards working. That way, as I study my CCNP Route material, I can upload the questions to my webpage and make the available for myself and others as I pursue the CCNP certification.

The major changes I made to the site today were mostly in terms of organization of the code. There is not much difference that a user would notice. That is all for the blog today. I look forward to the moment I can shift more of my efforts to the Cisco certification as opposed to web site building, but I gotta crawl before I can walk, right?